God has a word for the Nigerian man – and the nation of Nigeria. Those are the words of Pastor Remi Akano, Chief Vision Steward of a Lagos-based ministry to men, KINGDOM MEN, in a media statement issued today on the ministry’s forthcoming Mega Summit 2016.Akano 2

Opening on Thursday May 12 at the Jiko Hall of Planet One Hotels, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos, the conference has the theme, Good to Great, which according to the event chief host, is the promise of God for the Nigerian man.

According to him, God sees the Nigerian man reeling under all manner of social, economic and political pressures; frustrated at the pervasive ignorance of a society that believes that all is well with him; wallowing in self-pity and thus perpetually humming the Negro spiritual ‘nobody knows the troubles I see…’
Continuing, Akano said “God knows that the Nigerian man knows that he is under-performing and masking his lack of inner fulfilment with braggadocio at home, in the streets, at work, in business and even in the church. God is saying, ‘even in your current state, I judge you ‘good’ and if you will let me, I’ll show you how good I have made you; you may Titusbe gold in the rough, but you are gold nonetheless. I’ll do better than that, I’ll lead you in the path to greatness, which is my perfect will for you.’”

“Incidentally”, Akano explained, “the message also applies to our nation, Nigeria. I
f we will let Him, God is set to put the good in Nigeria on display for all the world to see and admire, and then lead us up the gradient to greatness. Mega Summit 2016 is one of His tools for teaching or reminding us, as the case may be, of how we can LET HIM do all of that at the personal and national Bamgbolalevel. Plan to attend and come with your friends. The season we are in demands no less.”

KMEN’s Mega Summit, fast becoming the premier annual gathering of men in Nigeria, is a four-day affair that will close on Sunday, May 15 with eight speakers participating. They include Dr Christopher Kolade, former Nigeria’s High Commissionerto the United Kingdom; Apostle Alexander Bamgbola, Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Lagos State; Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, Senior Pastor, Fountain of Life Church and President, Discovery for Men; and Rev Dr Albert Femi Oduwole, Senior Pastor Triumphant Assembly Church and President, Word Ablaze Missions Incorporated.
Asiedu-Appiah 3Kolade

Dr Larry M. Titus, a former Foursquare Church pastor and President, Kingdom Global Ministries will, for the third time, be the Lead Speaker –  at the head of an international ‘trinity’ which includes Dr Abraham Shanklin, Presiding Bishop, New Life Fellowship International and President, The Center of Transformation, Maryland, USA and Rev Emmanuel Asiedu-Appiah, Head Pastor, Redeemed Baptist Church in Greater Accra, Ghana.

Described as an Annual Gathering of Sons, the event incorporates the Men in Leadership Summit, MiLEADS, introduced at the second edition last year, and the newest addition, the Ministry to Men Summit, M2MS.

Shanklin at MS2015 (2)MiLEADS is targeted at men in leadership positions in all areas of human endeavours including politics and governance; business and economy, the military, Police and other security and armed services, the academia and the Church. At the last count more than 50 leaders have either accepted the organisers’ invitation or registered online to attend.

Dr Christopher Kolade, the well-known Nigerian integrity icon and quintessential leader, who led the faculty last year, has graciously agreed to return to the forum, which will kick start the Mega Summit on Thursday morning at 8:30am.

He will be joined by Apostle Alexander Bamgbola, a professor of leadership with an American university, an economist, investment banker and strategic management expert, who has served and still serves on the Board of Directors of reputable companies internationally. In addition to running Zion the City of the Lord Ministries, which he founded in 1999, he has been a willing tool in God’s hands in re-uniting the church in Lagos State, first as Chairman, Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria and now as the helmsman at CAN. In both offices his courageous stand against corruption, and for integrity has been widely acknowledged.
There will be a Keynote by top Government official to be named shortly.

The Ministry to Men Summit, which holds on Friday, May 13 beginning at 8:30am, is an enlarged version of one of the features of the debut edition of the Mega Summit, Breakfast with Larry Titus. It is a gathering of independent Ministers to Men; Senior Pastors desirous of starting or strengthening men’s ministries and Fellowships in their churches (and that should be ALL PASTORS); and Coordinators of men’s groups, fellowships and ministries in Churches.

OduwoleDr Larry Titus, author of the book, The Teleios Man, a globally acknowledged minister to and mentor of men and; Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, President, Discovery for Men, who founded and runs one of Nigeria’s most consistent and effective ministries to men, will lead the discussion on MINISTRY TO MEN…WHY…WHAT…HOW? They will be joined by Remi Akano, Chief Vision Steward, Kingdom Men. Dayo Adeyemi, Convener, Catalyst Men Network and Deji Irawo, Men’s Resources Technocrat whose Men Alive Network page is one of the busiest such pages online, will also feature.

Another highlight of Mega Summit 2016 is the introduction of The Pastor’s Panels, where the men in attendance will literally set the agenda by their questions. The afternoons of Friday 13th and Saturday 14th have been devoted to this new entrant to the event. Arrangements for personal counselling have been made as follow-ups to issues that may be raised that requires the one-on-one touch.

There will be impactful main sessions on Saturday morning and in the evenings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Mega Summit 2016 will climax with the Men @ Worship Concert with THE KING’S VOICES, the all-men choir of Kingdom Men, with a lot of support from other well-known anointed men worship leaders including Olumide Iyun and many more.


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