With six incisive Main Sessions, three specialised break-out sessions, A Kingdom Economic Forum and a Politics and Governance Round table, Kingdom Men’s Mega-Summit 2014 is estimated to attract a 700-strong audience of spending and decision making power from across the sectors.

Coupled with extensive pre-event publicity and subsequent media coverage, the reach promises to soar into hundreds of thousands. Add to that the certain unquantifiable harvest from sowing on the fertile soil of men’s ministry.

Here are the four different ways you can benefit from this event:

This category offers your company a speaking slot (afternoon and evening each day (N250,000)

This affords your business a speaking slot before a session each day, one Roll-Up Banner at the entrance to the Hall and mention in the event brochure.  (N150,000):

 This allows your business a speaking slot in the evening sessions, only and mention in the event brochure.  (N100,000):

This offers your business a display stand to expose your business and/services to this select audience with a view to selling and/or building connections that could translate to future sales. It is, like all the other packages, a seed on fertile soil. Only 4 stands are available for early birds. (N50,000):

Limited spaces are also available in Event Brochure at the following rate:

  • Outside Back cover – N75,000
  • Inside Front Cover (IFC)
  • Inside Back Cover (IBC) – 60,000 each
  • Inside Pages – N40,000.

Sponsors and exhibitors have the right of first refusal.