About Us

The Ministry

KINGDOM MEN GLOBAL NETWORK is an uncompromisingly Bible-based, independent ministry to men. It is a kingdom institution established to assist men, irrespective of their church affiliations, in their Christian walk, that they may become better sons, brothers, husbands, fathers and leaders. Its objective is to raise and disciple men, who will in turn raise and disciple other men, in an unbroken chain of victory and godly prosperity.

KMEN’s methodology includes small group Word study and other programmes and events addressing issues that men confront in their day-to-day living – issues that affect men irrespective of the church denomination they belong to.

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The Vision

KMEN’s vision is to raise men who are conscious of their status as sons of God, with a divine mandate to establish His will on earth; men who manifest the divine nature imparted to them by their Father – at home, in the workplace and in society at large;  men in whom Christlikeness is visible everywhere and at all times.

KMEN helps to transform men from being the problem or part of it to become the solution that God designed them to be when he made Adam, breathed his life into him and put him in charge his earth.

The Structure

At the apex of KINGDOM MEN’s structure is a Board of Trustees (BoT) peopled by men with incontrovertible Christian witness and a commitment to imparting it to other men, towards becoming real disciples of Jesus Christ.

The BoT is chaired by a former Nigeria High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Dr Christopher Kolade, CON and consists of six other members. They are Apostle Alex Bamgbola, an erstwhile banker who is currently Chairman of the Lagos State Chapter of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN; Archbishop John Osa-Oni, Founding and Presiding Archbishop of Vineyard Christian Ministry and a respected voice in Pentecostal circles and; Very Reverend Sunday Onadipe, former Rector, Methodist Theological Institute, Shagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria and later, Deputy Registrar at Wesleyan University, Ondo  city, Ondo State, Nigeria, who is now Bishop of the Methodist Diocese of Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria.

Also on the BoT are: Rev Engr Mike Udonquak, a Fellow and President of Risk Managers Society of Nigeria and Council Member of Christ Chapel International Churches (CCIC); Rev (Professor) Phillip Okerentugba, Regional Pastor, CCIC, Port Harcourt and a Professor of Microbiology at the University of Port Harcourt and  Rev ‘Jibola Oluyede, Founding Principal, TRLP Law and Council Member, CCIC. Remi Akano, Chief Vision Steward, KMEN is an ex-officio member.

There is also a Board of Stewards, headed by the Chief Vision Steward, consisting of men committed to the vision most with ten years of more involvement in ministry to men.

KMEN is supported by TWO specialised bodies:

The Barnabas Club: This is a group of Partners. They are persons, companies and organisations who have been supporting the ministry financially and materially.  It is planned to encourage as many of the members as possible to commit to periodic seeds to aid planning. It is chaired by Rev ‘Jibola Oluyede, a BoT member.

The Great Company: This consists of media and communication professionals who have committed to using their expertise to promote the vision and activities of the Ministry – nationally and globally.



KMEN, as its name indicates is a global ministry with a mandate to spread the Good News to many in every clime, as the Lord shall lead. With access to resources through friends and associates in many parts of the world, our physical expansion has begun “close to home”, in Africa; specifically, in the Mano River Union countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia, where we have boots on the ground. Men from the two other MRU countries, Guinea and Ivory Coast have participated in the activities of the ministry through Sierra Leone. We plan to be established in both countries as God releases His grace in this respect.