Fix The Men Fix The Nations Initiative is one of Kingdom Men Global Network’s tools for spreading the truth that the world is what it is today because of a poor understanding of men’s role in building society. This understanding gap, incidentally is general and global. General, in the sense that virtually everybody is guilty – cultures, governments, women and even  men theselves. The truth that men are the problem and men are the answer seems to have eluded us all for far too long. The issue is also global because, there is no country in the world today that’s no experiencing the Men Problem. Which is why we live in a disorderly, dysfunctional world filled with unhappy and unfilfilled people – contrary to God’s divine plan. The Fix the Men Initiative , which has been inaugurated in Nigeria, is set for launch in Sierra Leone in October 2018. It is expected  to cover the Mano River nations of Liberia and Guinea. Styled as Project Impact Sierra Leone, it is also known as A RESTORE REAL MANHOOD Outreach. Many other countries shall be covered as doors open.